contractor grade paint sherwin williams

And they are EVERYWHERE. Benjamin Moore: Ultra Spec. Home Depot sells consumer grade products that have less quality. To help you create and maintain a clean, safe and compliant environment, you need a partner like Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine. The three types of paint which we will go into are SuperPaint, Duration, and Emerald. Sherwin Williams . Sherwin Williams: Resilience. SuperPaint is in their DIY lineup. This is a huge advantage over Lowe’s and Home Depot when paint is needed in a pinch during a project due to a spec /color change or addition. Since I don't work at Sherwin-Williams anymore(hopefully I don't have to go back) I feel I can divulge this information. Is there an alternative? Just did the garage with the Promar 400 stuff. I can get the paint with a contractor's account at Sherwin Williams. High-grade Winners ($50-$100 per gallon) Sherwin Williams: Duration. Depending on the contractors discount, it can usually be purchased for $25-$40 per gallon. Sherwin Williams: Emerald Painting a 2 … Our full line of ArmorSeal ® Heavy Duty Floor Coatings will stand up to anything from light foot traffic in retail stores to facilities with heavy vehicular traffic. It was originally painted about 5-6 yrs ago with Sherwin Williams Everclean paint, which was a bad product to begin with--it was supposed to be super washeable and it wasn't even slightly washeable. ArmorSeal ® Floor Coatings. I've heard a lot of mixed opinions some like one better then the other but the products have also changed a lot in recent history. Super Paint has been Sherwin-Williams’s bread and butter for years. The performance, considering hide and coverage was above average. Homeowner here. Should homeowners maybe try avoid have contractors use "professional" grade paint at all cost to avoid this issue? I'm painting our new house, and will use one of these two paints. It once was a great price point product. I use Sherwin Williams 400 or 200 for interiors and and Super Paint or Duration for exteriors. Sherwin Williams: Super Paint. Sherwin Williams stores tend to have a larger staff and be much quicker at handling multiple orders at the same time. I sprayed it with a Titan 440i, then backrolled over a knock-down drywall texture. J.D Power rated Sherwin Williams the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Interior Paints” which you can read about here. Promar 200 is Sherwin Williams contractor grade Residential paint. @Andrea Tapp Sherwin Williams is a contractor grade professional paint. Us lowly homeowners cannot buy it. It was the highest grade exterior paint offered by Sherwin-Williams for many years. I would like to use the same paint that was used in my house (Promar ceiling paint) in order to avoid having to repaint a big area. Behr is a great choice for homeowners or contractors and is a great paint for the money. I tailor the product to the project, but always use professional grade … Sherwin Williams Super Paint was the dominant winner here as you can see. Given that the four major paint brands (Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Valspar) have at least 28 different interior latex paints, this level of consensus is impressive. In fact, this product was the go-to product for many exterior painters and contractors.

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